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We produce accurate and coherent translations.

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Professional and world class interpretation

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Corporate French Classes

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Well edited reports

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Conference Moderation

Excellent conference moderation, combining knowledge and great personal attributes.

Translation and Interpretation Agency in Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa

We are a leading translations, editing, report writing, work place communication and interpretation dynamic agency based in Nairobi, Kenya, specializing in more than 20 African languages ​​and other languages ​​such as Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Italian, Malay, Polish, Thai, Icelandic, Vietamese, Chinese, Portuguese, Tagaalog, Bahasa, Urdu, Turkish etc and great host of language consultancy services with six years' experience.

We serve Kenya and the region from our base in Nairobi, East Africa's bustling metropolis.

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I had the pleasure of working and appreciating the services of 'Realtime Translators and Consultants Ltd.' on the occasion of high-level meetings, including summits of Heads of State and Government, for which I was responsible for coordination. It was a pleasure to work with this team, concerned about the quality of the service provided, competent, dedicated with a good command of French. Beyond the language, there are above all courteous and kind people who also make up the quality of this team, including the technicians who stay in the room and take care of the smallest details during the meetings.

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We do more than verbatim translation. We produce accurate and coherent translations, respecting the spirit and faithfulness of the original documents. We translate simple, complex and specialized documents.